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Bansko summer


The popular Bulgarian ski resort Bansko, has long gained popularity as a unique place to spend a summer holiday. In recent years, the flow of tourists coming in the summer in Bansko has increased significantly, and not only because the region hosts many different fun activities - not only sports, but also cultural - became traditional summer musical jazz and opera festivals, themed festivals, fairs with a demonstration of old Bulgarian crafts. At the same time all activities are free for visitors.

 Of great interest to visitors of Bansko is a magnificent unspoilt nature, combined with clean air and numerous healing mineral springs, abundant scattered on the slopes of the surrounding mountains. All this adds to the attractiveness of the resort at enthusiasts and relaxation.

In 2016, on the slope of Todorka, near the upper station of the cabin lift in Bansko, the lifting of tourists to the ski slopes directly from the door of a five star hotel and the central park of the city, installed a 350-meter water slide. It is located right on the spot ski slopes, so it works only in summer. Descent of the water slide, children not only amuse, but also adds adrenaline extreme sports loving adult.

Some slopes of Pirin equipped for skiing even in summer. Summer is also a part of the lifts.

For tourists visiting Bansko in the summer, is available a huge selection of cycling and mountain routes equipped with seating (and nights), guards at dangerous places, numerous pointers to accurately follow the chosen route and signs describing the historical and natural attractions in abundance presented in Bansko neighborhood.

In recent years, large-scale reconstruction of streets and historical sites have been carried out in the Bansko region, as well as landscaping, which previously returned the lost authenticity of the Bulgarian towns and villages.

Considerable interest in Bansko adds and pricing of local hoteliers, which reduced the cost of living during the summer period in the hotels on the system "all inclusive" with respect to the winter season by 40-50%. This greatly affected the attendance of Bansko "not in season." Demand for holidays in Bansko not only in winter but throughout the year has been steadily growing.

Very popular are the numerous mineral pools, located near Bansko, filled with healing thermal water, allowing not only to relax and unwind after a physical activity, but also contribute to the maintenance of health, have a therapeutic effect on many diseases, have a beneficial effect on the body, without the influence of drugs. Some of them work in the winter.

The geographical location of Bansko allows you to make one or two day trips by car to the border with Bulgaria, the European countries, in order to enter that do not require additional visas for Russian citizens. This is Serbia, Macedonia, Romania and Turkey with their natural and historic attractions. If you have a Schengen travel multivisa range of opportunities in neighboring countries is expanding considerably. For example to the Aegean Sea (the coast of Greece) by car can be reached within 2.5 hours.

Sofia Airport road by car takes about 1.5 hours and is 150 km.

Thus, Bansko region in summer suitable for all who enjoy outdoor fun both active and relaxed, lazy, it is:

Mountain bike
Mineral pools
Horseback riding
Rock climbing
Off-road safari
Historical and entertaining tours
Mountain water park
Picnics are among secular pine trees on the shores of crystal clear rivers
 as well as a reference point for tourists traveling by car and wish for a small period of time to get acquainted with a number of European countries and to visit different natural and climatic zones.